Why wear netball trainers instead of normal trainers?

If you’re a netball player, you know that the injury rates in netball are extremely high and you may have experienced one yourself. Netball can be a physically demanding sport with players making swift direction changes, sudden acceleration and stopping as well as jumping for the ball and landing. All of these movements can put significant pressure and force onto the body. Netball shoes have been designed to withstand the demands of the sport. However, only 30% of netballers wear the correct shoes leaving a massive 70% of players who wearing basic footwear. 

All trainers are designed for different things such as running, fashion, netball; so basic trainers have not been designed specifically to support the feet when playing netball ultimately increasing the players chances of injury. This is why it is important to wear the correct shoes for individual sports as the shoes in netball will provide you with sufficient ankle and foot support. 


But what other reasons should you buy netball shoes? 

Most netball shoes can offer a range of added extras to help support you when playing netball.  

  • Most shoes help to increased traction due to the materials used on the sole of shoe allowing you to have good grip on the court and help with any fast sudden movement throughout the game. 
  • Injuries in netball are common but by having the right shoes this reduce your risk of injury and provide you with the support you need. 
  • Cushioning technologies is something that most basic trainers don’t have, and this is an essential part of having netball shoes, they allow for better support and aid in the movements you’ll need to perform on the court. 
  • Materials used on netball shoes will help your feet to breath and will be more durable than standard trainers as they will have been designed to withstand high-impact and will last longer. 


Overall, basic trainers are not suitable for playing netball and by investing in a pair of netball shoes could benefit you in the long term and reduce the risk of injury. Weighing it up you will be investing in a good pair of specifically designed netball trainers that will last you longer and give you the right support.  

Footwear for some sports is taken very seriously so why not netball? 


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