About Us

Starting out running a fun netball league in Worcestershire for teams of all standards, our aim has always been to create a fun and inviting community for all teams and players in the local area. Building upon the strong foundation we have; we are now also looking to provide players nationwide with an online retail experience that is befitting of the sport we all love, while still following our goal of creating a supportive environment for all netball players of all levels.

Here at My Netball, we also have a huge focus on supporting mental health and mental health charities, following on from the COVID-19 pandemic we saw just how much the nation’s well-being was affected, especially mentally, so a core focus for us is to show support for mental health charities in the work they are doing to aid those in need, making donations to said charities for each member that signs up to our leagues.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to become a well-known brand suppling netball products as well as running country wide netball leagues, to encourage people to get active and find a passion for netball. MyNetball is a socially conscious company not only providing sports clothing and equipment at reasonable prices but providing netball leagues, support and a sense of community. We aim to continuously offer the best customer service and understanding of the importance of supporting our league members and providing external services to benefit their well-being. Mental health has always been at the heart of this business and will continue to play an essential role in our continuous development.


We are a netball brand with a difference, making a difference.